Design your Dream Office


Working from home is an attractive idea for many business professionals. It allows you the flexibility to throw in a load of laundry between emails, as well as set your own schedule. A well-designed functional home office allows you to maximize productivity. Ensuring you have the right office furniture and a dedicated work space sets you up for success.

Working from Home

Why do People Want to Work from Home?


Whether to avoid a draining downtown commute, or achieve a quiet work environment, modern employees are drawn to working from home. In a traditional 9 to 5 office job, there area a lot of distractions. For example, when your coworkers are constantly stopping by your desk to chat, it can prevent you from getting work done. The social benefits of a workplace are nice to have, but they can become a challenge if you’re easily distracted.
Working from home allows you to spend more time with family, reduce car expenses, control your overtime hours, and achieve greater levels of satisfaction. Additionally, people who work from home have healthier eating habits and are 25 per cent less stressed than employees with office jobs.

Common Home Office Mistakes


Many people think that they’ll be able to tune-out distractions like a television hanging on the wall, or their children bouncing around in the playroom next door. Studies indicate that multi-tasking is a myth and our brains cannot do multiple things simultaneously. It’s best to remove all distractions and set aside short periods of times for breaks.

Sleeping In

Starting the workday late:
Working from home allows you to sleep in and accomplish tasks at your own pace. However, getting a late start to the day may result in working through dinner or into the evening. Wake up early and start work as soon as possible so you can maximize productivity.

Outside Adventure

Never leaving the house:
When you don’t have to commute into work everyday, you may find yourself not going outside as often as you normally would. Consider changing up your work environment a few days a week by going to a coffee shop, library, or work outside when the weather is nice.

5 Tips for Home Office Design

Whether you have a dedicated office in your home, or you’re restricted with limited space, it’s important to maintain a comfortable and functional place to work. Following these tips will ensure a productive working environment.

Quality Executive Chair

1. Invest in a quality chair
When you spend all day at your desk, you’ll want a comfortable ergonomic chair.

Bright Modern Office

2. Let the light in
Ensure your office has plenty of light to reduce eye strain and headaches.


3. Organize vertically and horizontally
Keep your desk clutter-free to maximize productivity. Consider incorporating floating shelves or desk organizers. Mobile pedestals are another great option because they fit easily under most work-surfaces.

Colour Swatches

4. Incorporate colour
Invigorating colours, such as bright orange, red or green can spark creativity and motivate you. Calming shades like blue or lavender can also work well for those who need a peaceful environment. Learn more about colour in the workplace here.

Best Location

5. Choose the right location
Avoid imprisoning yourself in a windowless and rarely used guest room. Also consider traffic flow throughout the house and your ability to handle interruptions.

Modern working area

Furniture that Fits


Choosing the right size furniture for your space may appear challenging at first. Start by measuring the room and envisioning how you want the space to look. Space planning and design services can assist you with this process to make it easier and less stressful. If you’re dealing with a smaller area, consider getting creative and adding a desk in a nook in the living room. Height adjustable desks are modern and feature clean lines so they can easily complement your existing home décor. If you’re looking for a more traditional feel, choose from multiple sizes and colours of computer desks. If you have a large office area, consider adding bookshelves and storage. These items not only enhance your room’s aesthetic, but also provide additional space for storing work documents and displaying decorative items. Stop by one of Source’s showroom locations to find the perfect furniture for your home office. You can also visit to browse our product offerings.