Your desk is the main piece of furniture that anchors your office and supports all the work you do. Desks can serve multiple functions, from a place to hold your desktop computer and peripherals, to a docking station for your laptop and other mobile devices, to a place to store documents and tools. The desk also takes up the largest footprint in most workspaces, which makes choosing the perfect design even more important.

With so much riding on the right decision, how do you decide on a desk to suit your workspace? You can simplify the process by learning about the types of desks available, figuring out what you need from your space, and speaking to an office furniture specialist at Source.

Learning About Desk Types


There are four main types of desks to complement your workspace or home office. Learn more about each style of desk and what benefits they bring.

Traditional Desk

Traditional Desk
A traditional rectangular desk offers a strong, flat desktop that can be customized to suit your needs. Traditional desks are usually available in multiple sizes and finishes, allowing them to fit in seamlessly with your decor. For small offices, a classic desk with a single pedestal file can take up as little space as 24” by 48”. For large or executive offices, a bowfront desk provides timeless style with a 41” x 71” desktop.

Corner Desk

Corner Desk
Also called an l-shaped desk, a corner desk fits snugly against the walls of an office, or can be positioned against a bookshelf or filing cabinet to create a modular workstation. L-shaped workstations usually include pedestals, drawers, or cubbies, providing extra storage space. Styles range from sleek and ultra modern l-shaped workstations to classic executive corner desks that can be customized with a hutch.

U Shaped Desk

U-Shaped Desk
A u-shaped desk provides maximum desk space with plenty of room beneath for filing cabinets and pedestals. U-shaped desks are the best choice for people who require a large amount of space to work, such as creatives and executives. In addition, u-shaped desks are usually available as part of a set, making them a great choice for C-level offices.

Standing Desk

Standing Desks
These height adjustable desks have become more popular in recent years. Also known as sit-stand desks or adjustable desks, these workstations allow you to adjust the height throughout the course of the day. You can stand or sit as you like during your work, allowing for maximum ergonomic comfort. An electric height-adjustable desk allows you to change position with the push of a button.

The Right Size for Your Space


Before you order a desk, ensure it’s the proper size for your space. You don’t want to go to the time and expense of moving a new desk into your workplace or home office, only to discover it doesn’t fit. Ensure you have the proper size desk with these steps.

Open Office

1. Decide Where It Goes
First, you have to decide where your desk will go. If you’re replacing an existing desk, this is probably an easy choice. In a new space, though, or if you want to rearrange your office, consider the best place to put your desk. You’ll want to check the clearance of your door, ensure any cupboards or filing cabinets aren’t blocked, and determine where the electrical outlets are.


2. Measure the Space
This isn’t the time to eyeball dimensions. Get a tape measure and block out exactly where you want your desk to go. Be as accurate as you can with the measurements; a desk that’s even one inch too long won’t fit properly in the space you determine. Consider height as well as width and depth, especially if you plan to add a filing cabinet or other additions next to your desk.

Office Needs

3. Consider Your Needs
What will you be using the desk for? Computer work, writing by hand, organizing files, meeting with clients—or all of the above? If you plan to have a lot of items on your desk (such as a monitor or two, keyboard, mouse, printer, or inbox), you might want to sketch a plan of where everything will go. That way, you can ensure the desk you choose will suit your needs.

Office Experts

4. Call in the Experts
Source furniture specialists work with many types of clients to select the perfect furniture for their office space. We also provide office space planning services, where we work with you to design the ideal layout for your workspace or office. Whether you’re planning a new home office or outfitting an entire building, consider booking a consultation with our experts.

The Finishing Touches

Once you’ve selected and ordered the perfect desk, you’re halfway to a comfortable new workspace. All that’s left is the finishing touches.


Delivery and installation.
Source provides delivery and installation options, saving you the work of moving your new desk into the office. When you place your order, ask about the services we provide in your area.


Supporting furniture.
Complete your set with a hutch, pedestal, bookshelf, or cabinet. Our collections gallery shows all the different furniture sets Source offers, along with gorgeous images of how you could set up your office.


Colour and art.
You might be surprised at the effect colour and art can have on your state of mind and productivity levels. Complement your workplace with a burst of colour or an inspirational painting.


Discarding old furniture.
Now that you have a beautiful new desk, what do you do with the old one? We’ve compiled a list of resources for what to do with old office furniture, so you can responsibly discard your unneeded items.

Thoughtful planning and careful preparation when deciding on the right desk can help ensure a comfortable and inviting workstation. Our space planning experts would be happy to assist you in designing the ideal office and purchasing the right desk for your space. Call us today or book a consultation with our team.