Does colour affect my mood?

Yes! A study at the University of Texas’s School of Architecture found that colour can have a measurable effect on mood and productivity, dampening our creative spark and slowing our output. Women in particular were found to be susceptible to feelings of sadness and depression when surrounded by grey, beige, and white.
Woman with headache

Which colours are best?

Natural greens and blues, both low-wavelength colours, enhance efficiency and focus as well as a sense of well-being. Red is an active but intense colour that can boost the heart rate (sometimes desirable, sometimes not), and yellow fuels creative environments with its fresh energy.

blue colour wheel

Blue is universally known as an excellent colour for productivity. It is also a stable and calming colour that helps workers focus on the task at hand.

red colour wheel

Red has been shown to increase heart rate and blood flow, and it also invokes emotion and passion.

green colour wheel

Green is a good colour for people who work long hours. It doesn’t cause eye fatigue and it helps you remain calm and efficient at the same time.

yellow colour wheel

Yellow is known as an optimistic colour and can help stimulate creativity. Designers and people who need to be creative for their job should have this colour in their workspace.

What’s The Best Way To Use Colour?

Neutral shades like beige, grey, and white are easy for an amateur design-eye to manage. Dabbling with more complicated palettes, on the other hand, takes skill. Before you take the rainbow into your own hands, here are some tips for applying colour in the right ways and places:
office space with colours
Red and Orange. Spice is good but use it in moderation. Save fiery hues for accessories and accent walls in spaces that staff only occupy occasionally: hallways, bathrooms, maybe a kitchen.
Yellow. Great for boosting self-esteem and adding cheer, yellow comes with a rule of thumb: the brighter it is, the less of it you need. Pale yellows can be lovely even in large amounts, while intense yellows are best in small, punchy doses.
Blue and Green. Most commonly found in nature, these colours can be particularly soothing to workers in stressful, indoor work environments. Plants are an easy source of green therapy for any office, and they also help with air quality.
Pastels. Soft hues like peach and lilac are great for brightening small spaces, and they also infuse stressful environments with a sense of calm. Minimize contrast with colours like these by choosing light wood furniture, for instance, rather than dark brown or black.

Uplifting Your Office

If your office is looking a little drab or your employees could use a boost of energy, morale, or productivity, consider adding some colour. Whether you paint the walls and change the carpet or simply choose a vibrant shade of new furnishings, colour can make a world of difference. White office furniture is on-trend and offers a fresh infusion of brightness. Pair it with colourful seating, like one of our CoolMesh chair options or a Bello Ergonomic Stool, and discover a brighter work place inside and out.