For busy executives and multitasking employees, storage is an important function of an office. Whether you’re in a large private office, or a compact cubicle – storage solutions assist with organization and productivity. By adding storage solutions, you’re able to re-evaluate the available space and determine the best layout for your office.

Minimize Stress with Storage

At one Fortune 500 company, internal studies showed that managers had more duties than they could accomplish in a standard workweek. Instead of moderating the demands of the job, their bosses expected them to prioritize and multitask. However, did you know that multitasking is a myth? Our brains can’t handle multiple cognitively demanding tasks at once. Attempting to multitask causes our brain to switch between tasks so quickly that we can’t maintain an effective attention to detail. An increase of multitasking directly correlates with an increase of papers and clutter at your desk. Keep a clear mind, as well as a clear workspace, with effective storage solutions.

5 Things to Consider when Purchasing Storage Solutions

1. How large is your space? Home offices or large private offices allow for larger storage options, such as bookcases or cabinets. Smaller cubicles can utilize options such as mobile pedestals, vertical filing cabinets, and vertical hutch organizers.

2. Do you want your office furniture to be colour-coordinated? If you have a white desk, do you want to have matching white storage cabinets, or add contrast with a darker colour? The design possibilities are numerous, and Source offers multiple laminate finishes to achieve the perfect look.

3. What is your budget? If you upgrade one cubicle station with storage, are you going to have to update the whole office? Spending money on quality office furniture will pay-off in the long-run because of its durable materials that increase longevity.

4. What are the needs of your employees? For example, professional services such as accounting, and law often have large amounts of files and paperwork that require large filing cabinets. In contrast, a tech-start up or a digital marketing company may be faced with limited office space.

5. Is your office planning on relocating soon? If your office has plans to relocate, it will be more efficient to wait until you are settled in the new space before investing in storage solutions. By waiting, you can also ensure that all the furniture will fit in the new space. Space planners can assist you with the layout and design of your new space. Source’s office space planning and design experts are ready to help you design an organized space.

Vertical vs. Lateral Files: Which is Best for You?

Deciding between lateral and vertical filing cabinets depend on your office space and filing needs. Lateral files are wider and have increased storage space with various drawer options. At Source, we offer lateral filing cabinets in both laminate and steel options. It is a great choice if you need to store a lot of files and have the room to accommodate it. Vertical files on the other hand, take up less space in width but still provide ample storage for files with multiple drawer options as well. The two drawer vertical file fits perfectly under most desks, whether you have a cubicle or a private office. With letter and legal vertical files available, there’s guaranteed to be a size that works for your space.

Other Storage Options

Storage Book Shelves
Mobile pedestals are a space-saving storage solution that will work in any cubicle or office. Equipped with wheels, these cabinets are designed to easily roll under any work surface. Flexibility and mobility are important when office space is limited. Bookshelves are another office storage solution that can be easily overlooked because it’s associated with home use. To effectively utilize bookshelves for storage, its important to keep the shelves clutter-free and organized, as they are exposed for all co-workers to see. Placing decorative items such as plants or photos can help the bookshelf look put together and clean. However, there are options that are available with locking doors for security.
Storage cabinets are offered in a variety of styles and sizes, making them the perfect solution for any space. With features such as locking doors and adjustable shelves, storage cabinets ensure there’s a home for all your important files. Desk hutches add additional storage to an existing desk system and can be customized with laminate or glass doors and additional options such as useful tack boards. This storage solution can hold books, folders, binders and other office materials.

Source Space Planning and Design Services

space plan
When incorporating storage into an existing space, it may be difficult to visualize the perfect layout. Source’s office design and space planning specialists can ensure you select the right storage for the space, the function, and the tasks at hand. Collaborating with you, Source uses 2-dimensional drawings and 3-dimensional renderings to put your vision on paper. You’ll see the finished layout, complete with furniture, before the first piece goes in. Visit to learn more about our space planning and design services.