Transitioning from a home office to the workplace
and back again

There’s no question that the global pandemic has fundamentally changed the nature of the workplace. The future of office furniture has shifted dramatically, opening up potential for the new boardroom as well as spotlighting the importance of a comfortable home office.

Federal and provincial health recommendations change quickly as officials receive new information on the novel coronavirus. Companies must be more flexible than ever as they pivot between work from home options and in-office operations. Working in this transitional space can be challenging, but a thoughtful strategy can take you confidently into a new business year.

Consider What You Need


It’s tempting to look at your office in terms of what you’ve always used it for. That room is the boardroom; this room is the reception area. Consider instead what you need out of your workplace instead of what you’ve always done with it. Make a list of your core business functions which must be supported with the space you have. Common functions include: In-person client meetings, Virtual client meetings, Staff collaboration, Individual staff work, Departmental meetings, Reception and check-in and Filing and storage

Once you have a list of your necessary functions, consider how you can repurpose your space to allow for productivity and safety. Can cubicles be separated and outfitted as video-conferencing rooms when workers aren’t in the office? Or perhaps the boardroom can become a video-conferencing room for individuals, while the former bullpen can be turned into a physically distanced in-office workspace with video options for remote workers to collaborate with their colleagues.

A set of fresh eyes can help you reimagine your space in new ways. Source office furniture specialists are trained in space planning and can recommend new ways to structure your office. You can request a consultation for personalized options.

Stay Flexible

Multitasking may not be useful for individuals, but it’s an excellent quality in your office furniture. With the future of in-office work changing so quickly, it’s a good idea to have furniture that can serve more than one purpose.


Office partitions make a good example. When your employees work at their desks, opaque desk partitions and freestanding shields can keep people working together in a safer manner. When most employees are working from home, partitions can be used as backdrops for video calls or to create traffic flow for the essential workers who must come into the office..

Modular Workstation

Modular workstations can be easily reconfigured depending on the number of people working in the office. A classic product such as the Performance Team Counter Height Table can provide workspace for two employees under normal conditions, one employee under physical distancing rules, and can also provide extra buffer space before a client-facing desk or a reception desk.

Look for products that provide multi-functionality and you can quickly and easily retrofit your workplace as needed based on frequently changing conditions.

Invest in a Home Office

Working from the kitchen table may be convenient (especially when it comes to coffee refills), but it’s not a permanent solution for many workers. Common spaces in the home tend to come with traffic and distractions, and often aren’t ergonomically supportive. If you’re looking for a way to support employees in a semi-permanent or permanent work from home situation, setting up a high-quality home office can bring productivity dividends.

Tax Savings

If you’re a remote worker, investing in your own home office setup can also be worthwhile. Not only will it create a place where you can focus, the Canadian government has recently revised its rules on work from home expense deductions. You no longer have to track individual expenses such as utilities or measure square footage so long as you claim the base per-day rate of $2/day to a maximum of $400.

Standing Desk

A proper home office setup can also support employee health with ergonomics. A height-adjustable standing desk allows you to stand or sit at preprogrammed heights, creating a flexible and comfortable environment that boosts productivity.

Source Office Furnishings looks forward to helping you retrofit or reconfigure your office during transitions between work from home and in-office work. For more information on our products, or for personalized assistance in updating your office layout, request a consultation with our office space planning professionals. We’re ready to help your business position itself to succeed!.