Cubicles have become a symbol of impersonal offices for toiling workers. However, designers originally provided office cubicles as a way for employees to have a private, personal work area while conserving floor space. Recent trends have moved offices towards open-concept spaces, but lack of privacy and noise issues mean some business are returning to cubes. Cubicles are not only space saving, but have a number of benefits to office planners.

Benefits of Cubicles

  • Partitioned walls create a quiet work environment
  • Private space allows employees to showcase their unique personality
  • Increased face-to-face interaction (open-space offices decrease physical interaction with coworkers by 70 per cent)
  • Higher cubicle walls block out more sounds and visual noise
  • Quieter work environment allows for distraction-free focus and increased productivity
  • Standardized cubicle size makes for ease of office furniture purchases
  • Privacy and security when dealing with confidential documents

Create a Cubicle Layout that Works for Your Office

Open plan office
Depending on the needs and function of your office, certain cubicle layouts will work better than others. For example, if your focus is noise reduction and privacy in the office, fabric panels and higher cubicle walls may be the right solution for you. However, if you want to create an open office but maintain some privacy for employees, lower partitions and acrylic panels may work best. At Source, we offer customizable partitions and panels to create workspaces that maximize productivity.
The type of work you do at your office also influences layout. For example, if you do a lot of collaboration and need frequent interaction between coworkers, low partitions and small cubicle zones might be the best format. Technology is another factor—if your employees use heavy equipment or require lots of desk space, but you have few offices available, cubicles make a smart solution. Finally, the physical size and shape of your office determines the best way to lay out dividers. Space planning specialists come in handy here.

The Right Cubicle Furniture for Your Office

Lovan Chair
The perfect chair. When selecting chairs for cubicles, it’s important to consider the different options available and the size of your space. For example, armless chairs are ideal for conserving space if you have a smaller work environment. Source’s Comformatic Tilt seat & back chair, or Lovan Mesh task chair, are great options. Additionally, many of Source’s office chairs offer ergonomic features such as back height adjustment, tilt lock mechanisms, and seat sliders, ensuring every employee can customize their chair for optimized support and comfort.
Super storage solutions. Source offers storage solutions of all sizes to ensure a perfect fit in any space. Our locking double door office cabinets and elements personal two drawer cabinets are great options. Alternatively, classic locking mobile box/file pedestals offer flexibility with the option to roll it under most work surfaces.
Standing Desk
A Dream Desk. Increasingly, people are realizing the negative effects that sitting for long periods of time has on their health. Height adjustable desks are a great way for employees to alternate between sitting and standing throughout their day. There are two options for height adjustable desks. The first option is a crank adjustable standing desk, where the height is adjusted manually by turning a crank. The second option is an electric height adjustable desk, with a programmable memory system where employees can save their height settings. If your staff aren’t interested in standing desks, Source also offers a wide selection of standard office desks.

Space Planning Solutions

Configuring cubicles can be daunting. Fortunately, Source offers complimentary space planning and design services to help your business find the right cubicle arrangement for your office. Visit our website to learn more about space planning and explore our wide range of product offerings to create a functional cubicle layout that works for your office.