Ergonomic Comfort in the Office

‘Ergonomics’ isn’t just the latest buzzword around the office. It’s beneficial for your health and well-being to incorporate ergonomic furniture and accessories into your workspace. Ergonomics, simply, is the science of designing products tailored for human use. Human characteristics, such as height, weight, and proportions are all considered in order to create the optimal product. Many people are hesitant when it comes to making changes to their office. However, incorporating ergonomic furniture into your office doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Simple additions such as a keyboard tray or a foot rocker can make a difference in your daily posture.

Do You Have a Height Adjustable Desk?


Office workers are switching to height adjustable desks due to the numerous health benefits of standing throughout the day. Consider the following benefits of standing desks when you make your next office furniture purchase.


1. Standing Lowers Your Risk of Weight Gain In contrast to sitting throughout your afternoon at work, standing burns over 170 additional calories. Many experts believe this difference in calories explains the link between sitting for long periods and developing obesity or metabolic disease.


2. Reduce Back Pain A 2011 study found that participants who spent an average of 66 minutes a day standing at work experienced a 54% reduction in upper back and neck pain. Standing at your desk also improves posture and straightens your spine.

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3. Standing at your Desk Improves your Mood People who use standing desks report less stress and fatigue than those who sit all day. Standing at work is also proven to increase energy levels, making you happier at the office

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4. Increases your life expectancy Evidence shows that you can increase your life expectancy by two years by reducing sitting time to three hours per day.

Find the Right Office Chair


An uncomfortable office chair affects productivity and can cause occupational injuries. If you’re hesitant to ask your boss for a new office chair, outline the benefits and positive outcomes that will come as a result of the new investment. There are also many affordable options if your company has a limited budget. Here’s what you should look for when buying an ergonomic office chair.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar Support A good office chair will support your lower back, and some even offer adjustable lumbar support for a personalized fit.


Adjustability Most office chairs have height and arm adjustments, but the best ones offer considerably more options. Look for adjustable lumbar support, seat and back angle, and tension control (how much your seat tilts forward or back when you do).

Swivel Base

Swivel Base Your chair should swivel freely so you can easily reach various parts of the desk.

Fabric and Cushion

Fabric and Cushion Covering fabric should be breathable to allow cooling air flow, and there should be enough cushion to support you through an entire workday.

Adjustable Arms

Adjustable Arms Moveable chair arms allow for you to rest your elbows in a comfortable position when typing. Chairs with adjustable arms allow you to raise and lower the arm rests, as well as swivel them inwards and out.

Seating Solutions

Source has the Perfect Chair for You


Source offers a wide range of ergonomic chairs that can be adjusted to work for your body and your needs. For example, the durable Enduro Heavy Duty High Back Chair offers an optional headrest, a seat slider, and is rated for use of up to 400 lbs. Additionally, our popular CoolMesh series offers a selection of chairs for every budget, with various ergonomic features and colour options available. Source also offers superior comfort with our selection of executive chairs. The Saratoga series, featuring durable leather, has a knee-tilt mechanism, padded armrests, and tilt control. The Sierra High Back Chair is another comfortable executive option, with pneumatic height adjustment, tilt tension control, and 360-degree swivel.


Ergonomic Accessories Build an ergonomic office complete with accessories to help you achieve total wellness. Consider a desk lamp to reduce eye strain, or a keyboard tray for wrist comfort. Additionally, monitor arms allow you to easily adjust the angle and position of your screens for an ideal computer set-up. Adding a lateral file cushion to your filing cabinet can add another place for office guests to sit, and adds a pop of colour to your work environment.


Source Can Help Incorporate Ergonomic Furniture Source offers floor planning and design services to help you create the most functional office layout. Our experts help you every step of the way and ensure that you select the right furniture for the space, the function, and the tasks at hand. Available space, employee roles, and equipment requirements are all taken into consideration to create an office that enhances communication and optimizes workflow. To learn more about our floor planning services, visit one of our 12 store locations across Canada, or inquire online