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Cosmo Panel System

Versatility for the Modern Office

With flexibility at its core, Cosmo by Tayco is a versatile office furniture solution that offers on-trend design and a full spectrum of privacy options. Put it to work in your open-plan layouts, your private offices, and your welcoming reception areas, and enjoy a beautifully functional office for years. Contemporary design and maximum flexibility make Cosmo a great choice for your modern office. Create traditional cubicle workstations with a contemporary design, or customize the layout to create a more modern work space for your team. Tayco Cosmo is a custom product that allows for various configurations – for more information contact a Source sales professional today.
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  • Variable degrees of space division and functionality
  • Flexibility – 130, 120 and 90° planning capability
  • Optional glass or acrylic screens define distinct work areas while still allowing light into transitional spaces
  • Tack-on panel heights and acoustical fabric tiles create a sense of privacy in open office
  • Aluminium top caps, steel raceways, and metal to metal panel connections provide durability

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