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The Best Office Layout for your Company

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Does your Office need to be Open-Concept?

Open-concept offices have been a popular trend in recent years. However, it might not be the best office layout for your company. Evidence shows that people spend the most time at work doing focused tasks, or attending small meetings. Open offices have numerous distractions that hinder these types of work, with nosy neighbours infringing on privacy. Shouting and whispering are equally disruptive to effective performance, and overhearing a phone conversation is even more distracting than overhearing a live conversation between two coworkers. Also, co-working spaces and collaborative offices actually result in less face-to-face interaction. Studies show that people shift to email and instant messaging to preserve their privacy. Before you switch your office plan to open-concept, consider how it will effect your employees, and ask them for their input. However, if you’re stuck working in an open-concept office, there are several things that you can do to improve your work environment.

5 Ways to Gain Privacy in an Open Office

1) Install privacy panels. With fabric and acrylic options available, you’ll be able to create a semi-private environment. 2) Personalize your space. For example, add a small personal fan or heater to control the temperature of your environment without disturbing your neighbours. 3)  Listen to music or podcasts. Plugging in your headphones doesn’t mean that you’re anti-social. It will help you focus and help you drown out other workplace noises. 4) Ask if your office can create a quiet room. If you don’t have a lot of space to reconfigure quiet versus collaborative areas, consider dedicating a boardroom as a quiet area for a portion of the day. If you have several boardrooms, you can switch between them. Employees who require a little peace and quiet can retreat to it whenever they feel like they need a break. 5) Improve the acoustics with soft furnishings. Fabric and soft seating absorb sound better than hard surfaces like wooden desks, and create a more comfortable work environment.

Consider the Needs and Function of your Office

If the primary function of your office is customer service or if you run a call centre, you should explore other office layouts before you jump into an open office floor plan. Moreover, cubicles have come a long way in recent years in terms of design, style and layout. With customizable options such as partition height, fabric colour, and acrylic panels, you can create a unique system that meets your company’s specific needs. Source’s floor planning and design experts can help you determine which furniture works best in your space. With tailored recommendations and detailed mock-ups of the new layout, you’re guaranteed to create the perfect office. Stop by one of our 12 stores across Canada today to learn more, or visit us online at

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