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Langley Chamber of Commerce Event

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On Tuesday, January 21, 2020, Source Langley Account Executive Diane Smith and Furniture Specialist Josh Lozornio attended a Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce event. Hosted at the Cascades Casino, the dinner meeting was a great chance for new employee Josh to meet members of the community. After Josh returned from the event, he reflected on his experience and shared his highlights.

Connecting with Members of the Community

Josh explained that it was meaningful to connect with business owners, politicians and other important members of the community. Moreover, he learnt valuable information from listening to their stories and networking with them. He said that he made genuine personal connections at the event. He found that people were interested in his background because he has an accent. This was a unique taking point and it was the perfect opportunity to get to know people. He enjoyed the relaxed environment and exchanging business cards. Additionally, the event featured a tasty Indian buffet and a brief ceremony welcoming five new chamber members. The Langley Chamber of Commerce General Meeting also featured guest speakers from the Cannabis Industry. Barinder Rasode, CEO of Grow Tech Labs Inc. spoke about the new edibles regulations, the licensing changes since 2017, and government projected tax revenues for 2020. Barinder founded the National Institute of Cannabis Health and Education to promote evidence-based research and education about cannabis. Josh enjoyed the speakers and said that he hopes to do more research before his next event so that he can ask questions to the guest speakers.

Join the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce

If you’re a business in the Greater Langley area, we highly recommend becoming involved with the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce. Primarily a small business organization, nearly 70% of the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce membership consists of companies with 20 or fewer employees. Chamber members receive discounts for travel, gas, sporting events, and more. There are also regular events and networking opportunities to take part in. Source Langley is proud to be a chamber member and we encourage any one in the Langley area to learn more. Additionally, if you’re interested in keeping up-to-date with Source’s community involvement, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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