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How to Furnish a Car Dealership

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Create a Welcoming Space for Clients

In client-focused businesses such as car dealerships, it’s important to create a welcoming environment. Purchasing a new car is a big decision and customers will likely spend several hours at your business. Therefore, prioritizing comfort and atmosphere will make your business stand out. Leave a lasting first impression with customers by designing a welcoming reception area. Reception areas give your business a chance to stand out. An attractive and neat reception area not only lets clients know that their comfort is a top priority, but that you are an efficient organization that they can trust with their business. Consider differentiating your car dealership by installing a unique reception desk. Logiflex’s Monochrom reception desk is a modern solution with visual interest and contrasting textures. Additionally, the Spheric reception desk, allows you to design a circular configuration that allows ample space for storage, productivity, and efficiency. With multi-level surfaces, tasks remain out of sight while greeting customers. In busy car dealerships, being greeted by a warm reception area can make you feel less overwhelmed about the large purchase that you’re about to make. Studies show that companies that put the customer at the heart of their organization experience an increase in customer retention.

Source Furnishes a Car Dealership in New Westminster B.C.

Source Kelowna Account Executive Rob Visnjak furnished the Key West Ford car dealership at the beginning of December. Prioritizing customer comfort, Rob used various products from Artopex to complete the space. To create a relaxed environment, Rob chose the Fjord lounge chairs, as well as the Hanso task and guest chairs. Artopex offers a wide range of modern office furniture solutions and they fit perfectly in this space. Rob also used Artopex’s Takeoff desks because of their clean and sleek design. Takeoff’s storage solutions also match seamlessly with the desks and provide practical options for storing documents. Source proudly offers Artopex products to our customers and we would love the chance to show you everything that this brand has to offer. For more information on Artopex, stop into your local Source store today, or browse photos online.

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