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How to Create an Eco-Friendly Office

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People everywhere have taken on the ‘go green’ initiative. At home, they recycle, adjust their light fixtures and reduce their shower time. But what about at work? Even if you’ve chosen to go green, it can be difficult to do if your office doesn’t provide avenues for it. Here are some great, simple ways to go green at the office: Recycle – it’s often the first thing people think of when they go green. Papers, paperclips, cardboard and plastic can all be recycled. By adding a recycling bin to your office, you’re encouraging colleagues to recycle. Pull the plug – devices plugged into walls are always using power. The best way to lower your company’s electric bill is to unplug things when they aren’t in use. If you’re concerned about unplugging your computer at night, change your computers settings to utilize the power saving mode. Carpool – cycling and taking the bus are more eco-friendly than driving a car, but sometimes that isn’t possible. Find out if any of your colleagues live near you and start carpooling. Green office furniture – if you’re thinking about redesigning the office, begin by choosing an eco-friendly office desk. At Source, we offer products that are Greenguard Certified. These products are made from materials with low chemical emissions, improving the quality of air in which products are used. Head to your local Source showroom to start your journey today. Source Office Furnishings – Making Your Office Work Better!
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