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Holiday Gift Guide

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Holiday season is already here, but it’s not too late to shop for a special someone on your list.

This season, give the gift of style, function, and comfort with office furniture and accessories that improve any workspace. Whether they work from the office, work from home, or game at home, those on your list will love these gifts!

Gift Ideas for Those Who Work from Home

When it comes to working from home, many people compromise by using regular home furniture to create a workstation. While dining tables and chairs can be temporary solutions, the lack of support they provide can cause discomfort in the long run. That’s why it’s important to help at-home workers find office furniture that is built and designed to support their comfort and workflow.
Echo Height-Adjustable

Echo Height-Adjustable Desk

The Echo Height Adjustable Desk is economical but still provides the quality and functionality home office workers need. Available in a variety of sizes, this desk can fit in just about any space, making it perfect for home workstations and home offices. The simple up/down buttons are user friendly and offer a no-fuss transition from sit to stand.

CoolMesh Pro Plus High Back Chair

Cool-Mesh Chair
The CoolMesh Pro Plus High Back Chair is built with multiple adjustments that provide a customized seating experience for optimal comfort and support. The aluminum base and white frame adds quality and style to a workspace, making it ideal for home settings.
Mobile Pedestal

2-File Drawer Mobile Pedestal

Keeping a home office organized can be tough if there’s a lack of storage. With the 2 File Drawer Mobile Pedestal, it’s easy to keep files and paperwork in order, while creating a neat and tidy workspace that keeps the home clutter-free.

Gift Ideas for an Ergonomic Office

An ergonomic office or workspace can help prevent the aches, pains, and fatigue associated with prolonged sitting. These physical distractions can hinder productivity and performance overtime. Ergonomics isn’t only about furniture, but it’s also about the small add-ons that make a large difference in any workspace. Incorporating these ergonomic accessories in the workplace is important for the health and well-being of any desk-bound worker.
Vamp LED Lamp

Vamp LED Lamp

Lighting is an important factor that often goes unnoticed when it comes to offices and workspaces. Many offices are lit with harsh fluorescent lighting that can contribute to sore eyes, headaches, and more. The Vamp LED Lamp improves visibility and features flicker-free lighting, brightness settings, and colour settings that make for a customized user experience. The multi-pivot neck is flexible, so the light can be placed exactly where it is needed improving the functionality of a workspace.

Foot Rocker Stool

Foot Rocker
One of the side effects of prolonged sitting is back pain and limited blood circulation. The Foot Rocker Stool encourages movement of the feet, alleviating some of the pressure for your back and legs. Improving circulation. This small addition to a workspace can drastically improve comfort throughout the workday.
Bello Stool

Bello Ergonomic Stool

The Bello Ergonomic Stool features an active seating style that keeps users engaged. The height-adjustable base tilts, swivels, and moves with the body for a seating experience that maximizes movement and mobility. Not only does this stool work in office settings, but it can also be used in school settings, medical offices, and more, making it a great gift for anyone on your list.

Gift Ideas for The Gamer

Give the gamer in your life a setup they’ll love to play in. From gaming chairs to monitor arms, these gift ideas allow gamers to play and win with comfort and support, especially for those long sessions.
Mario Gaming Chair

Mario Gaming Chair

Featuring flip-up arms and a quilted back and seat made from black bonded leather, the ergonomically designed Mario Gaming Chair is easy to adjust for a custom experience. Solid and supportive, this gaming chair makes winning even better!

Dual Monitor Arm

Monitor Arms
Monitors are an important part of any setup. Il-placed monitors can cause neck and upper back pain, especially when hours are spent in font of them. With the Dual Monitor Arm, gamers can achieve the perfect height and tilt to maximize their visibility and playing experience.
UFO Power

UFO Power Module

The UFO Power Module offers quick and convenient access to surge protected power with five outlets and 4 USB 2.0 charging ports. Its unique and modern design is compact and saves space, while adding style to any desk surface, perfect for keeping consoles and accessories powered. Need more ideas? Take the stress out of holiday shopping by browsing more of our products online or by visiting one of our 12 locations across Canada for an in-person shopping experience.

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