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The Psychology of Conference Tables

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Choosing Conference Tables

When choosing furniture for your meeting space, it’s easy to focus on basic requirements: Get a conference table, put some chairs around it, and you’re done. Right? Well, maybe not. The purpose of a meeting is often to share ideas and come to consensus, and the shape of your table can have a surprising impact on the outcome. Round vs. square. King Arthur’s knights sat at a round table specifically because it had no head; All in attendance were equal. This works great for guests at a wedding, but at a decision-making meeting someone is usually in charge. Choose a table with distinct ends to give your leader a position of authority and you’ll be amazed at how much quicker things get done.
Choosing Your Conference Table
Classic Plus Boat-Shaped Conference Table in Modern Walnut.

Shape Matters

A little too close. The best restaurant tables encourage intimate conversation, letting you speak to your dinner companion in relative privacy. The same is true of long, thin conference tables — but that may not be good for your meeting. Choose a wider table to keep the discussion open among the whole group and cut down on distracting side-bar chatter. A little too far. U-shaped tables are common in classroom and training scenarios but they often discourage the kind of connected conversation needed for decision-making. Being far apart means people have to speak louder than they normally would in conversation, and that can make cooperation difficult, especially for soft-spoken personalities. Find a table that suits the size of your group while allowing for comfortable conversation without shouting.
Classic Square Conference Table with Beveled Top and V-Legs
Read more about choosing the right conference table in this article from The Glass Hammer, and then visit Source Edmonton to see our wide selection of options. Large or small, square or round, we’ve got the shape and finish to get your meetings off on the right foot. Source Office Furnishings — Making Your Office Work Better!
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