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Back to School: Furniture Made For Classrooms

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Learn by Safco furniture products in a school settingEvery September, students and teachers prepare to go back to school. Teachers design their classrooms with colourful decorations and also organize all of the necessary educational materials. Additionally, in order for students to be the most productive and learn in a quality environment, they need furniture that’s made for classrooms. At Source, we offer multi-use furniture that goes beyond the traditional corporate office setting. In this article, we’ll explain how to best utilize furniture in classroom and school settings.

5 Ways You can Use Furniture to Enhance Learning

1) Introduce collaborative learning in the classroom. Collaborative learning is student centred, empowering the student to be an active participant in the learning process. Moreover, it’s easy to encourage collaborative learning when flexible seating options are available. Soft seating and stools are more comfortable and allow for students to gather close to each other to collaborate. 2) Incorporate technology-friendly furniture. We’re quickly becoming a technology-based world, and need to adapt to the evolving tech landscape. Especially in schools, technology is becoming a great learning resource. Power modules and tech accessories are crucial for classrooms. 3) Use storage solutions. Similar to workplaces, schools need organization and structure in order to thrive. Clutter in the workplace decreases productivity, and it also hinders hard work in schools as well. 4) Utilize whiteboards. Some students are visual learners. Therefore, they will appreciate seeing pictures or words on a whiteboard. 5) Use different sizes and types of tables in common areas or libraries. Students appreciate having different options for writing surfaces and study areas. In universities, libraries often have different furniture options and tables to choose from depending on the type of studying and work that students are doing.

Bello Ergonomic Stool

Source Bello stool in blue colour The Bello stool is an excellent option for classrooms and library spaces. Featuring a rounded base that accommodates a wide range of movement, it allows you to lean, turn and move in any direction. Moreover, the backless design ensures an ergonomic, upright position that encourages good posture. With four bright colour options to choose from, the Bello stool will bring a touch of fun to any learning space. Furthermore, students are more likely to pay attention when they’re sitting in an interactive ergonomic chair.

Learn by Safco

Learn by Safco is a comprehensive collection of popular Safco products that is available through Source. These products are designed to enhance educational environments at a mid-market value. Moreover, Learn by Safco provides solutions for flexible seating, storage and organization, and student workspaces. School common area with learn by Safco productsAdditionally, Learn by Safco has a wide variety of products designed to create flexible and active learning spaces for all educational environments. The ergonomic products also keep classes moving whether it’s through bouncing, reconfiguring or preparing for the ever-evolving classroom of the future. Some of the fun products in this collection are the Zenergy ™ Ball Chairs and the Connect™ Mobile Bench. Contact your local Source Representative today and find furniture made for classrooms with Learn by Safco.

Explore your Options at a Source Showroom

In our showrooms, we have an unparalleled selection of furniture options to choose from. Our furniture specialists will help recommend furniture and storage solutions to fit your school’s layout. Additionally, Source supplies products from different companies, giving you a wide variety of products to choose from. you can also combine brands and product lines, giving your space a truly unique look. Discover furniture made for classrooms today and stop into one of our twelve store locations across Canada. Additionally, we’re always open online at

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