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Office Art: More Than Just Eye Candy

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Designing a new office space? There’s probably a checklist that you’ve gone through to ensure employees have everything that they need. You’ve outfitted the offices with the proper furniture, the right desks, appropriate seating, and sufficient storage for optimum functionality. At a glance, it appears that employees have everything that they need. However, there’s still something missing. Art pieces in the office can easily be overlooked, but there are many benefits for adding a splash of colour to your workplace. Spending eight hours at a desk every day can be draining. Refresh your space, and your mind, by adding visual stimulants. Interested in learning more about art in the office? Read up on the benefits of bringing art into your business space, including its inspiring effects on both employees and clients, and how it can even be used to promote your brand. Art can bring calmness and peace to the atmosphere of a room, resulting in relaxed and happy employees. Not only will the office have a brighter atmosphere but happier employees means increased productivity and success. Art doesn’t have to be just for office walls. Source’s wide selection of office desks and partitions/panel systems allow for employees to express themselves by pinning works of art on their cubicles, or tackboards. If your children are always creating masterpieces at school, displaying them in your office space will make you smile.
colorful modern office art
“Stables” by Franz Marc
With a world of art to choose from, finding a unique piece to complement your office space can turn into a fun adventure. Find creative inspiration to keep your right and left brain in balance. Source Office Furnishings — Making Your Office Work Better!
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