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Whether you’re purchasing a new desk or chair, or outfitting your entire team with new furnishings, the layout of your space affects flow and productivity. Our office floor planning and office design specialists can ensure you select the right furniture for the space, the function, and the tasks at hand.

What Is Office Floor Planning?

Our space planning and design specialists help arrange offices and workstations in such a way as to maximize efficiency. Available space, employee roles, and equipment requirements are all taken into consideration to create an office that enhances communication and optimizes workflow. Effective space planning is recognized as a key to employee satisfaction and office efficiency. Giving attention to design and layout is a business decision that will pay off in the long run.


Why Use our Space Planning Service?


Whether you’re designing a new space from the ground up or relocating your business to a new-to-you site, Source’s free office floor planning* service will help you create an office that fits. Make room for group meetings, give one-on-one conversations the privacy they need, open the floor for collaborative brainstorming, or create quiet enclosures for focused concentration; Whatever your goals, Source’s space planning experts can help you design an environment where ideas and teamwork thrive. Contact us today and let’s get started! *Some restrictions apply.


We use 2-D drawings and 3-D renderings to put your vision on paper. You’ll see the finished layout before the first piece goes in.

Measure your space’s dimensions yourself, or call for a complimentary on-site visit from an office floor planning expert.

We take you through the purchasing process and ensure you have everything you need to complete your new floor plan.