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Modular Soft Seating, Reception Seating, and Furniture

Workers need variety and choice to perform their best.

They seek cozy spaces that inspire and engage, Flock creates settings that are comfortable, warm, and inviting — the types of spaces that attract top talent. Wherever people want to gather, share ideas, focus or simply relax, Flock gives them the freedom of choice they crave to accomplish more.

In a world that increasingly values freedom and mobility, fewer people are distinguishing the workday from the rest of their lives. We all work everywhere now, constantly seeking out relaxing spaces to drop in and get something accomplished. Flock blurs the lines between home and office, bringing casual settings into the workplace that allow everyone to find the comforts of home they crave.

It’s a fact that working near natural light improves creativity, productivity and focus. That’s why we made Flock to gracefully wind around architectural elements—maximizing valuable real estate and bringing people closer the outdoors. So go ahead and draw inspiration from nature. Boost morale with natural light. Stimulate creativity with vibrant fabrics. Flock was designed for this nature of work.

Our collections have a variety of options and configurations. Get in touch with us at 1-800-667-8488 or email to learn more about this collection.

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Key Features

  • Collaborative table base options – A variety of table bases in disc, T-leg and X-base style in Textured Satin Chrome and Textured Charcoal enhance any design aesthetic.
  • Soft seating leg options – Choose tapered round or square legs for a sleek profile and conventional aesthetic. The disc leg offers a more contemporary look, while the casters increase mobility.

Flock’s four-leg chairs are available with round, tapered round or tapered square legs for greater design flexibility. There’s also a stool option available. With Flock, you can take advantage of smaller spaces that aren’t being used, arrange collaborative areas near workstations for impromptu meetings, and enhance community and welcoming areas to make guests comfortable. When people Flock together, good things happen.


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