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Sitting Pretty: Chair Maintenance Pays Off

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Like any other piece of regularly-used equipment, your office chair needs occasional maintenance to keep it in top working condition. Everything from the outer surfaces to the inner mechanisms will benefit from some TLC, and regular tune-ups may mean the difference between years of comfortable sitting and having to replace your chair sooner than you’d like. AAEAAQAAAAAAAAhJAAAAJGU4ZjFlOTVkLWU3YmQtNDE2OS04YmNmLTZhMjg3NzdkNTA3ZA The folks at Workplace Partners have provided some great tips for keeping your ride in good working order, from stem to stern: Clean the upholstery. Whether your chair is covered in fabric or leather, dirt and dust will accumulate over time. Vacuuming will collect the loose bits, and then upholstery spray foam for cloth or a cream cleaner for leather will take care of any stains and rubbed-in grime. Grease the wheels. To keep your rollers rolling, remove any miscellany — string, hair, dust monsters — that might be tangled in your wheels or casters, impeding their movement. Then apply a light coat of lubricating spray to the spindles, being careful not to get any on the rest of the chair. Check nuts and bolts. Flip your chair over and check that screws are where they should be and not flopping around loosely. If you’ve lost one or two in your travels (hey, it happens), replace them if possible and consider using a securing spray products that will help screws stay in more tightly. Starting with good quality seating will set you up for years of happy chair ownership, so visit Source today and find your perfect match. Source Office Furnishings — Making Your Office Work Better!

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