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Work Better with Plants

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  For most of us who aren’t surfing instructors, going to work means being indoors all day. Corporate offices generally have sealed windows, recirculated air, and artificial light, all of which creates a less-than-ideal environment for humans. The good news? Help is just a flower pot away! Scientific studies in both the US and the UK have proven that live plants play a more important role in our offices than just decoration. Just what the doctor ordered. The average office’s air system recirculates the same stale air over and over again, sending any toxins along with it. Cue our green friends! Plants take in airborne chemicals and turn them into usable nutrients for their own benefit. Consequently, a room with foliage will have 50-60% less bacteria and mold than a room without. Leaf and quiet. While your tiny potted cactus won’t stop much sound, larger plants in the right places can calm office clamour by as much as 5 decibels. They act as natural noise buffers and make concentrating easier. Good for the soul. Have you ever noticed how much better your bad day gets after a walk in nature? That’s no coincidence. Even at an unconscious level, plants reduce our stress, improve our creativity, and make us better problem-solvers. All of that leads to better job satisfaction and, ultimately, improved productivity. Get the full story on plants in the workplace here, and then look for Source‘s Greenguard certified products to keep your workplace healthy. Source Office Furnishings — Making Your Office Work Better!      

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