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Tips for Office Space Planning

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Space planning may once have been reserved for swanky high-end offices, but now it’s recognized as a key to employee satisfaction and office efficiency. Considering we may spend as much time at the office as we do anywhere else, it pays to have an environment that encourages collaboration and productivity.

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The reasons for using a space plan will vary from business to business. Some companies may want to avoid moving to a larger office (and higher rent) by making better use of their existing space, while others may want to adjust their office layout to better suit their employees’ work style. Whatever the reason, there are important considerations to ensure your space planning hits all the right notes. Use. Space planning is all about form based on function. Will your space be used for group meetings or one-on-one conversations? Does it require room for collaborative brainstorming, or will staff be hunkered down doing paperwork? Establish its use, and everything else flows from there. Layout. This is where the detailed work begins, often with a floor plan showing the room’s architecture and furniture placement. The layout should compliment and support the use of the room. Equipment Requirements. Though work surfaces and seating are likely to be the stars of the space planning show, it’s also essential to consider technology and equipment needed for work. Location of printers, for instance, along with their proximity to electrical outlets, will play a role in how everything comes together. Personalization. Job satisfaction is closely tied to workspace satisfaction, and nothing makes an office feel more comfortable than including favourite personal touches. Create spaces where employees can reflect their own style and you’ll create spaces they want to work in. Read more about the benefits of space planning here, and then visit your local Source for a free consultation with one of our Furniture Specialists. They can help you design a new office or reimagine an old one, and then make sure your furnishings fit like a glove. Source Office Furnishings — Making Your Office Work Better!

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