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There's More to Life Than Work

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Of course we all have real work to do, but let’s face it: there’s real work to do every single day. For most of us, it doesn’t even require a thought; there will always be something needing to be done, some deadline to be met, something we could start worrying about right now. So what DO we need to think about? Having more fun while we’re doing all that real work so we maintain our internal balance and sense of humour. Mental health is an everyday issue but it sometimes takes a back seat when schedules get tight and responsibilities pile up. Don’t let it slide! There are small, easy ways to lighten everyone’s mood (including your own) and infuse your day with more sunshine: Bring on the snacks. If you feed them, they will come. Keep some nibblies on your desk and discover the social side of your coworkers. Stopping for a handful of pretzels makes for a great break in the day, and you might be surprised at the people you meet. Office outings. Even if it’s just lunch once a month, getting out of the office together can do wonders for team spirit and morale. Say thank you. When everyone just does their job, it’s easy to take hard work for granted. But gratitude goes a long way, and thanking someone for the thing they did well will always be appreciated. Catch even more ways to have fun at work here, and feel free to implement these immediately. The only thing better than having a great day is spreading it around, so get to it! Source Office Furnishings — Making Your Office Work Better!
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