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Office Furniture: Spend Now or Spend Later?

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In tight financial times, finding a balance between the kind of office furniture you’d like and the kind you can afford may mean making sacrifices. (I’d love an office like the cool folks at Google have, but without a big lottery win, who am I kidding?)
Employee lounge at Google's Dublin office.
The Google office I don’t work in.
When it comes to crunching budget numbers, though, long-term considerations are as important as your short-term needs. How long will your furniture need to last before the next upgrade? Will it be lightly or heavily used in the meantime? Are you likely to make big moves that mean disassembling and reassembling pieces? Higher quality items may cost more now, but their durability will mean less expense down the road.
Steelwise storage cabinet with adjustable shelf.
Steelwise storage cabinets have a solid steel construction and a secure locking system.
This article from FacilitiesNet provides food for thought when weighing your purchase options. Types of product materials, warranty, and overall quality should all come into play, as should short-term vs. long-term value. Give it a read and then stop by Source to discuss your budget and space planning needs. We’ve got desks, seating, filing, and storage options for every stage of your road to success, and expert advice to make sure the furnishings you buy are furnishings you love. Source Office Furnishings — Making Your Office Work Better!
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