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Love Your Space: Creating an Office Sanctuary

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For most of us, there’s no getting around it: a day of work means a day at the office, which is usually laid out, furnished, and decorated by someone else. Generic office spaces are usually just that, and they can leave us feeling less than inspired during our 8 hours of labour. They don’t have to stay generic, however. A little personalization can go a long way towards making an office feel homey, and we may even discover new inspiration by thinking outside the traditional office box: Decorate for you. You may not be able to bring your favourite chaise lounge to the office, but pictures, a lamp, or even a decorative pillow you love can add a touch of personal style that welcomes you every time you see it. Bring the outdoors indoors. Use plants, stones, or nature scenes to add a natural element to your surroundings. Research has shown that greenery in the office increases productivity and feelings of well-being, and living plants also help freshen the air. Lighten up.  Make the most of natural light if you’re able, or try an interesting light fixture to create visual interest. Investigate alternatives to standard fluorescent lights if your office allows for it. Read more about creating your own office sanctuary in this article from Entrepreneur, and treat yourself to an office you’ll love. Source Office Furnishings — Making Your Office Work Better!  
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