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Give Up Sitting Down

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We spend an increasing number of hours working behind desks, which has led experts to ask whether some of those hours should be spent standing instead of sitting. Though it may be too much to expect anyone to stand all day, here are some good reasons for doing at least some of your desk work in the upright position: You’ll have more energy: Standing increases blood flow, which in turn causes the brain to be more alert. This improves concentration and cuts down on that mid-afternoon sleepy feeling. You’ll be more engaged: Even if it’s just for a few minutes, standing provides opportunities for eye-level discussion with other co-workers as they pass by. This real-time conversation improves inter-office communications and may also replace some of your email traffic.
Business people talking in office building lobby --- Image by © Sonja Pacho/Corbis
Image by © Sonja Pacho/Corbis
You’ll be strengthening your core and improving your posture: Standing increases core strength, which goes hand-in-hand with a straight spine. It can also relieve the back strain that can come from sitting in a chair all day. Read more about the benefits of standing at work, and then visit Source Saskatoon to see our selection of stand-up desks. Electric or manual, rectangular or corner, we’ve got a style and finish to help you on your path to a healthier workplace. Source Office Furnishings — Making Your Office Work Better!

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