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Multitasking in the Office: How Flexible Are You?

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Multitasking Might Be Here to Stay

Some jobs have a single, clearly defined role that never changes. More commonly, though, employees have mastered multitasking at work. Our interconnected world means employees can be getting tasks through project management software, their phones, e-mail, instant messaging systems—and, of course, their boss! Offices can become chaotic, fast-paced places where employees have to pivot and change directions quickly. Due to the multiple demands on employees, offices also have to serve multiple purposes. Offices can become conference rooms, desks can become meeting tables. When you need to divide a larger space into private offices, look to a solution such as our Hon Voi Panel System. This light scale, contemporary partition system turns a shared space into a workstation where you can focus. Multitasking was never so easy!

Mobile Classic Locking PedestalOrganize For Multitasking Success

Multitasking requires organization, which is where file systems play a role. At Source, we offer both lateral and vertical filing cabinets. Our space planning specialists can also guide you to the right mobile and stationary pedestals, such as our Classic Locking Mobile Pedestal. Wheel it out when you need extra work space or a side table, and wheel it into a niche or under a desk when you need room to move. Today’s employees are busier than ever. It makes sense that in a high-energy environment, furniture that does double duty helps employees feel comfortable while working hard. Even something as simple as a nesting table can provide a stylish, flexible solution for offices. Unfold the tables for meetings or collaborative sessions, then flip and nest them for easy storage. Multitasking might be here to stay, and your office should multitask for you too. Our Space Solution experts can help you plan the perfect space so your employees can concentrate on what’s important. Contact us for a free space planning estimate. You can also come to visit our Brampton location and let our friendly, experienced staff help make your space the best it can be.
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