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Cubicles: Yes or No?

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When setting up a new office space, you may be faced with the decision: To cube or not to cube? Choosing the right answer can be tricky because while cubicles offer privacy and at least some protection from distractions, not every office team will thrive in a cubicle setting. To figure out the best workspace configuration for your staff, consider the following points: What Your Employees Actually Do.  Employees who work alone or handle sensitive material may desire more privacy, while those who need collaborative space will do better in an open plan office. Make sure each employee has the right space to foster their productivity. Aesthetics and Image. If you have a team of artists or designers who thrive on interaction, an airy, open aesthetic will work better than a series of cubicles. Staff will have more freedom to communicate, and the open space will be more appealing to their creative nature.
Elements Plus Dual V Leg Collaborative Workstation
Sound.  Cubicles give a sense of privacy, but they’re definitely not soundproof. If you do choose the cubicle route, acoustic floor coverings and ceiling panels should also be part of the plan to reduce office noise.
Solero Eclipse Panel System
Read the full article on cubicle choice from the folks at AllBusiness, and then come in to Source Markham to discuss your options.  Whether you choose an open plan layout or enclosed workstations, we can make sure you’ve got the right furniture for the job. Source Office Furnishings — Making Your Office Work Better!
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