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Combine Warm Tones with Modern Style this Fall

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Modern design does’t have to feel cold and clinical. Warm tones and wood textures are becoming popular elements in contemporary office furniture pieces. Break the conventional notions of traditional office design by adding a sleek wood chair or a unique reception desk with clean lines. Additionally, the latest office furniture trend is the shift towards utilizing residential style in an office environment. Incorporate warm laminate colours and cozy furniture to make employees feel like they’re at home during the work day. Source proudly carries Logiflex products that can transform your office this fall by combining warm tones with modern style.

5 Tips to Create a Cozy Office Space

Did you know, there are additional ways to add warmth to your space? The following tips will help your office feel stylish and comfortable this fall. 1. Incorporate greenery and plants. Adding life to your cubicle or office not only warms up the space, but it also makes you more productive and healthier. 2. Use warm laminate tones like our Modern Walnut or Newport Grey finishes. 3. Add soft seating to your office. If you’re in a role where you often have customers or clients in your office, make them feel at home with comfortable seating options. 4.┬áBring colour into your office to create a calming environment. 5. Light up your space. Adding a desk lamp can bring some warm, inviting light into a fluorescent environment.

Incorporate Fall Colours in Your Office

Our designers and sales staff love using colour and unique products in their projects. Source Vancouver recently transformed Vard Marine’s office with new furniture and bright pops of colour. Just in time for fall, Account Executive Steven Kieboom coordinated the company’s colours with red HON Solve chairs. Additionally, red file cushions were used to create a coherent office theme. This project also utilized soft seating to cozy up the meeting rooms. HON, National, Tayco and Performance product lines came together in harmony to create a beautiful office environment. The Chromatic Medium Back Chair is another great option to brighten up your workplace.

Find Furniture that Makes you Feel at Home

When you spend eight hours a day at the office, it’s important to personalize your space. Source offers a wide selection of styles and finishes to customize your office. Whether you want a modern office with white furniture, or a traditional look with dark laminate finishes, Source has you covered. If committing to one brand or product line isn’t your style, no worries! In addition to our signature Performance brand, we also offer unique furniture options from other companies. You can mix and match products from different lines to create a truly one-of-a-kind office. With Source, you’re sure to be on trend this season with warm tones and modern style. Visit Source online, or stop into our Regina store today. Additionally, we have twelve locations across Canada for your convenience. Our furniture specialists can’t wait to help you design your dream office this fall.

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