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Clean Your Space and Clear Your Mind

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Clutter can effect our productivity, both at work and at home. Have you ever had to stop in the middle of task to go hunting for that thing you need? A messy space makes it hard to stay organized and creates a mental and visual distraction. But did you know it also plays a significant role in how we feel, even about ourselves? For many, a disorganized house or messy desk can cause anxiety, helplessness, and a sense of being overwhelmed. Here are just a few of the ways mayhem causes problems: Excessive stimuli.  Clutter overloads our senses with a jumble of input (too many things to see, touch, or even smell), forcing our minds to pay attention to details not related to the task at hand. A moving target.  Clutter creates uncertainty because we can never be sure how deep the pile really is or what it’s going to take to get to the bottom of it. This not-knowing can lead to frustration and anxiety. Read more about the ways mess leads to stress in this article from Psychology Today, and discover 8 ways to fix the clutter problem. Having sufficient storage for your home and office supplies is vital to staying organized, and Source Regina has a range of storage solutions to help you keep things under control.
Classic Lateral File with Hutch
Choose from full or half-height storage cabinets, combination units with doors and file drawers, or wall mounted components to keep your floor area clear. Whatever your space or decor requirements, we can help bring order to your environment and a little more peace of mind to your work day. Source Office Furnishings — Making Your Office Work Better!  
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