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5 Tips to Make Back to School a Breeze

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Believe it or not, summer is coming to an end. Many of us are getting ready to send our kids back to school, and teachers are getting ready to go back to work. It can be overwhelming with new routines, school supply lists, and balancing schedules. However, staying organized and slowly adjusting to your new normal can make the transition a lot smoother. Additionally, while your kids are getting binders and pencil cases, you should invest in office organization. Find the right storage solutions for your office so you can start the fall season with organization and peace of mind. The following tips will ensure your back to school season is stress-free.
  1. Have your kids’ start waking up early two weeks before the first day of school. When you’ve been waking up at noon all summer, that first alarm at 6:30 a.m. can be a rude awakening. It will be a lot easier on both of you if you’ve already been practicing your new schedule for a few weeks. To help your kids fall asleep earlier, read them a book before bed, or if they’re older, have them read something themselves. Consider buying them a bedside lamp to encourage before-bed story time.
  2. Create a family calendar, or install a calendar app on your phone to keep track of all family activities. Life is busy, and it’s easy to lose track of time. Set alerts on your phone to remind you of soccer practice, or keep an up-to-date calendar on the wall. Colour-coordinate the activities if you have multiple kids to keep everything straight.
  3. Limit screen time on weekdays. Kids spend lots of time viewing tablets, televisions and computers during the summer. If these habits continue into the school year, they can fall behind on schoolwork. Establish ground rules such as allowing 30 minutes of screen time after dinner.
  4. Create a dedicated space for your kids to do school work, away from technology and distractions. Invest in a small office desk that can be tucked away in a corner, or used in a home office. If your kids are younger and don’t have homework yet, encourage them to spend some time telling you about what they learnt and showing you what they made at school.
  5. Have your kids help you make lunch or dinner and encourage them to pack their own school bags. Giving your kids extra responsibilities will help them become more independent and ready for the school year.

Schools and Libraries Trust Source Edmonton

Each year, back to school is a busy time for the staff at Source Edmonton. They install furniture for teachers, students, front office and admin employees, lunch rooms, common areas, hallways, and conference rooms. The process starts with Account Executive Mike McAmmond, who looks after most of the education sector. He consults with purchasers and principals to get a solid understanding of their needs and budgets. Afterwards, he works with Source designers to create a functional layout. Additionally, Mike knows that it’s important to consider the right densities, fabrics and finishes for high traffic environments. Continue reading to view images from recently completed school projects in the Edmonton area. The Keheewin school library, featured above, installed several Logiflex and Artopex products. They installed a Logiflex spheric circulation desk, custom Logiflex bookcases, Artopex Cuadro and Cyrano, and Artopex Element seating. Additionally, the school now wants to have the old bookcases replaced to match the new furniture.

Planning for Success

Schools take a lot of logistical planning. The schools place orders towards the end of the school year and the furniture needs to be installed the week before school starts. Source has a lot of orders coming into the warehouse at the same time, so it requires excellent communication and planning between our manufactures, warehouse, coordinators and delivery/install teams. It’s a very intense time with a lot going on, but Source makes it happen every year! Our team of designers and space planning experts specialize in creating functional layouts for our clients. Our office furniture products can be used in a variety of environments, making them perfect for multiple applications. Source also completed a project for the Yale library and gave the old building a refreshed look with new bookshelves and furniture. Whether you need a new office desk, new filing cabinets, or ergonomic furniture for back to school, Source has you covered. Stop into one of our 12 locations across Canada today, and get prepared for back to school.

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