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16 Ways to Feel Happier at Work

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Having a job you love is the easiest way to enjoy being at work, but there are also small things you can do to feel sunny from 9 to 5. Taking care of your physical surroundings and your interior landscape will ensure your mood stays brighter all day long.

The Right Work Space

Watch for eye strain. Put your hand to your forehead in a salute; if your eyes feel relieved, your space may be too bright. Try turning down the brightness of computer monitors, and consider task lighting in lieu of overhead fluorescents if your work allows it. Invest in good furniture. You’re going to spend a lot of time in your office chair, so make sure it’s comfortable and supportive. Take the time to adjust it properly, and practice sitting up straight. Which reminds me: Sit up straightGood posture prevents repetitive strain injury and helps you feel more energized. Try taking a deep breath in a slouched position; it’s tough, isn’t it? Now sit up straight, push your shoulders back, and fill your lungs. Feel all that air? That’s the good stuff.

How should I sit at my computer?

Ditch the bowl of candy. It’s tempting to keep a stash of sweets at work for that afternoon slump, but the quick sugar hit may just lead to an equally quick crash. Lose the M&Ms and stock up on healthy snacks to keep you going. (Hint: dark chocolate is GOOD for you!)

The Right Head Space

Don’t say ‘yes’ on the phone. In direct conversation, it’s tempting to be agreeable even when that’s not in your best interest. Instead say, “I’ll get back to you” and give yourself time to reflect. Do the hard stuff first. Resist the urge to procrastinate with unpleasant tasks. They won’t get any easier over time and once they’re done you’ll feel free as a bird. Get outside. Even a few minutes of fresh air will do wonders for your mood. Take a walk if you can and give your brain a break from whatever you’re doing. Read more about ways to stay upbeat here, and treat yourself to happier days at work. Source Office Furnishings — Making Your Office Work Better!

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