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12 Tips for Professional Success

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The people at TalentSmart researched over a million people and found that the ultra-successful have a lot in common. In particular, 90% of them are good at managing their emotions to stay calm and focused at work, and they have a high level of emotional intelligence (EQ), which is critical to achieving goals. If you’d like to follow in their footsteps, start with these behaviours of the ultra-successful: Be composed. Ultra successful people understand their emotions and use this knowledge to handle challenging situations calmly. No matter how good or bad things get, they adapt and are able to remain happy and in control. Be knowledgeable. Super successful people work to increase their self-awareness. They’re always looking for opportunities to improve and learn new things about themselves and the world around them, and when they don’t know the answer to something, they just ask. It’s better to speak up and learn something new than to stay silent for fear of looking stupid. Use positive body language. When gestures, expressions, and tone of voice convey positivity, people are drawn in like ants to a picnic. Using an enthusiastic tone, uncrossing your arms, maintaining eye contact, and leaning towards the person who’s speaking are as important to engaging others as the words you use. Act with grace. Rather than resorting to intimidation, anger, or manipulation to get a point across, successful people instead find a balance of strength and gentleness that makes people respond well to them. The word “gentle” can often carry a negative connotation in the workplace, but in reality it’s the gentleness of acting with grace that gives ultra successful people their power. Choose honesty. Super successful people believe that honesty and integrity work better in the long run. Honesty allows for genuine connections with people in a way that dishonesty can’t, and lying usually comes back to bite you in the end. A Notre Dame study showed that people who lied experienced more mental health problems than their more honest counterparts. Read the full article here to discover more tips for success, and bring these behaviours into your work life. Source Office Furnishings — Making Your Office Work Better!    
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