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10 Ways to Personalize your Cubicle

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Personalize your Workspace

Standard grey cubicles can lack personality and uniqueness. However, there are simple and affordable ways to brighten up your space. The following tips will give you ideas on how you can incorporate decor and personalize your cubicle. 1) Add a desk lamp. Many office workers spend their day away from windows and sunlight. Adding extra light to your area can boost your mood, and it can also be easier on your eyes when you’re reading documents. 2) Display fresh flowers. Although they don’t last forever, fresh plants instantly beautify a dull office cubicle. Try to make it a habit to refresh the flowers weekly. You can grab a fresh bouquet on your way to the office every Monday. Not only do they they add colour and freshness, but they also smell great and brighten your day. 3) Choose a colour scheme. Add fun colours to your cubicle like yellow or red. Colour can positively affect employee’s mood at work. You can add coloured post-it notes, pictures, pens, notebooks, mugs, the possibilities are endless! 4) Decorate with photos of your friends and family. Pin some photos on your cubicle walls to make you feel at home. 5) Add artwork. Personalize your cubicle with small framed prints, or homemade art pieces from your kids or family members. Looking at the artwork daily will bring a smile to your face at work. 6) Make yourself comfortable. Give yourself some extra lumbar support by adding a soft pillow to your desk chair. It will also make your cubicle feel cozy. 7) Bring a personalized mug. Drinking your coffee every morning will be even more enjoyable if you have your own unique mug with you at work. You can display it at your cubicle and have a piece of home with you. 8) Display a customized calendar. You can make custom calendars with pictures of your dogs, your kids, or anything that you want! You can also get calendars that have new quotes every month to make you feel inspired. 9) Add books for decor. Even if you don’t read them, books add visual interest to your space. You can also add some fun book ends! 10) Use a colourful screensaver. The easiest way to add to decor to your cubicle is to display a unique screensaver on your computer screen. It’s an effortless piece of artwork!

Experience the Source Difference

At Source, we’ll recommend the best furniture and accessories for your office space. Our office floor planning and design experts are highly experienced in creating functional and beautiful office spaces. Whether you need 30 cubicles, or 15 executive desks, Source has everything that you need for your next office redesign. We also want our customers to have healthy workplaces, which is why we offer ergonomic furniture solutions. Stop into our Regina store today to learn more about our wide selection of product offerings, or visit us online at

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